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A top level conference and networking opportunity bringing together leading industry players to analyse, debate and discuss loudness in production workflows and delivery.

The Broadcast & Audio Series Loudness Summits are a programme of exciting business information, educational and networking events designed to discuss the challenges of delivering high quality sound for television to the home.

The Loudness Summit brings together technology experts, legislators, operators and industry professionals from around the globe who are all heavily involved in delivering high quality broadcast sound.

The inaugural Loudness Summit took place in London on Friday 16th December 2011 and was attended by 150 audio and broadcast professionals. Delegates enjoyed listening to an A-list programme of speakers from across the industry, plus the opportunity to network and view a range of equipment demos during the coffee and lunch breaks.

During 2012, Loudness Summits will take place on both sides of the Atlantic to analyse, discuss and debate what impact the latest technologies, innovations and industry standards are having on delivering consistently high quality broadcast sound. 



Delegates attending The Loudness Summit come from a wide range of disciplines across the pro-audio industry including operators, broadcast sound engineers, technology vendors, legislators, regulators, analysts, media and other industry experts heavily involved in delivering high-quality broadcast sound.

The summit will provide a forum for discussion, debate and education. Here are some key topics that will be covered during the day:

  • Loudness normalisation: misunderstandings, dangers, pitfalls: 
  • Different standards: R 128, A/85, etc. are they different? Are they the same? What are the differences? What are the pros and cons?
  • Current status of loudness implementations in Europe, lessons, experiences
  • Loudness normalisation in Radio: the next step - differences to TV, analog vs. digital, pop vs. classic
  • Loudness normalisation for music: the loudness war in its purest form; strategies, steps taken, iTunes/iCloud, sptoify, GoogleMusic etc.
  • File-based solutions, workflows 
  • Loudness work in live productions like sports; case studies, experiences, Upmix, Downmix
  • The M-word (Metadata): things to be aware of
  • Loudness in distribution: the safety net 
  • Loudness at the consumer's end: we've done everything right, why is it still wrong?
  • Broadcaster Case Study